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Provigil For Anemia

What Is Better Provigil Or Nuvigil & Can Provigil Be Used For Adhd

Posted by Zulugar on 2022-04-18

University of Rochester, James P. More Information. National Library of Medicine U. National Institutes of Health U. Department of Health and Human Services. The safety and scientific validity of this study is the responsibility of the study sponsor and investigators. Cancer Fatigue Chemotherapy. Drug: Modafinil Aneima sugar pill. Phase 2. Study Type :. Interventional Clinical Trial.

Estimated Enrollment :. Study Start Date :.

Kleine–Levin syndrome with comorbid iron deficiency anemia - PMC

Actual Primary Completion Date :. Actual Study Completion Date :. Experimental: Modafinil Modafinil mg taken by mouth once a day. Placebo Comparator: placebo Inactive sugar pill, 2 are taken once a day in the morning. Wilmot Cancer Center. September 15, Key Record Dates. We study 23, people who take Provigil or have Anemia - iron deficiency.

No report of Anemia - iron deficiency is found in people who take Provigil For Anemia. With medical big data and AI algorithms, eHealthMe enables everyone to run phase IV clinical trial to detect adverse drug outcomes and monitor effectiveness.

Provigil has active ingredients of modafinil. It is often used in narcolepsy. Provigil For Anemia - iron deficiency is found to be associated with 20 conditions by eHealthMe.

You can discuss the study with your doctor, to ensure that all drug risks and benefits are fully discussed Provigil For Anemia understood. The study uses data from the FDA. It is based on modafinil the active ingredients of Provigil and Provigil the brand name.

Other drugs that have the same active ingredients e. Epworth sleepiness scale ESS score during hypersomnic episode and asymptomatic period were 20 and 6 out of possible 24 pointsrespectively. The polysomnography PSG study was done after blood transfusion near the end of episode. The recordings included electrocardiogram, pneumogram, nasal and buccal thermistors, submental and tibialis anterior surface electromyography, electrooculography, electroencephalography EEG and transcutaneous pulse oximeter finger probe for oxygen saturation.

The Provvigil study Prkvigil asymptomatic period was normal. Anemiz PSG recordings during hypersomnic episode showed sleep onset latency and mean sleep latency of multiple sleep latency testing MSLT were 9.

Provigil and Anemia - iron deficiency - a phase IV clinical study of FDA data

During sleep, the technician faced difficulty to wake up the patient because of severe drive to sleep.

Magnetic resonance imaging of brain showing normal study a and b. The acute episode Anemiw managed with modafinil mg twice a day along with three-units of blood transfusion.

We study 23, people who take Provigil or have Anemia - iron deficiency. No report of Anemia - iron deficiency is found in people who take Provigil. The researchers hypothesize that administering modafinil (PROVIGIL®) to patients experiencing fatigue following completion of cancer treatment will lead to.

He was discharged on carbamazepine mg twice a day and nutritional supplements including iron. At 6-month follow-up, his hemoglobin was KLS is a rare sleep disorder, which predominantly occurs in adolescent male patients.

It is characterized by episodic hypersomnia, hyperphagia, mood disorders and hypersexuality [ 12 ].

Our patient had severe degree of somnolence during episode, which was evident on ESS score of 20 during episode [ 3 ]. The other symptoms like hyperphagia, hypersexuality, apathy, hallucinations, delusions, mood disorders anxiety, depression are variable and not necessarily present in all the patients [ 4 ]. KLS patients usually sleep for 15 to 20 h in a day during episodes. Multiple triggers of KLS have been suggested including infections, dehydration, Provigil For Anemia, alcohol, sleep deprivation, mental or physical stress and trauma.

Though, etiopathology is still unknown, various pathophysiologic hypotheses have been proposed including the role of hypocretin [ 5 ], diencephalic-hypothalamic dysfunction [ 6 ], central serotonin and dopamine abnormalities [ 7 ].

Iron-deficiency anemia IDA is common in developing countries like India.

Modafinil (Oral Route) Side Effects - Mayo Clinic

It may be due to inadequate dietary iron intake, increase requirement like pregnancy, impaired intestinal iron absorption, blood loss from intestine, and urinary tract.

One of the common causes of IDA in India is parasitic infestations roundworms and hookworms. The clinical features of IDA are pallor Provigil For Anemia skin and mucous membranes, anxiety, irritability and lightheadedness. Although the clinical history and physical examination can identify the condition and etiology, iron deficiency anemia is primarily a laboratory diagnosis. Our patient had chronic iron deficiency anemia, which was evident on hospital records of multiple admissions.

The patient was evaluated for anemia, including complete blood counts, reticulocyte, peripheral blood smear, osmotic fragility, serum iron study, hemoglobin studies, bone marrow aspiration for histopathology and Aneemia staining. He was also investigated for blood loss from gastrointestinal system including stool examination for occult blood, Provigl and lower gastrointestinal endoscopy, which did not reveal any source of blood loss.

Stool examination for ova and cyst was negative. During workup patient did not show any evidence of chronic infection, illness or parasitic infestations.

The cause of anemia could not be ascertained in our patient, it may be related to abnormal eating pattern during episodes. KLS has major impact on patient's social, professional and personal lives.

Although the severity of symptoms and disease course varies between the KLS patients, it usually resolves spontaneously, but sometime coexistent conditions can worsen the symptoms.

Kleine–Levin syndrome with comorbid iron deficiency anemia

In our patient, the severity of symptoms hypersomnia, fatigability, depression and poor appetite worsened Provigil For Anemia to comorbid IDA. Blood transfusions Provigli the severity of these symptoms and shortened the duration of hospital stay when compared with previous hospital records. KLS patients usually do not require hospitalization, but sometime other associated conditions like severe anemia as in our patient require hospital admission.

Definite treatment for KLS has not been established. A randomized, placebo-controlled trial Cochrane review found Proviyil benefit of pharmacological treatments for KLS [ 10 ]. Several studies have been reported to support that mood stabilizer Lithium decreases the length and severity of symptoms and delays the time between episodes [ 11 ].

Find information about common, infrequent and rare side effects of Provigil oral. The acute episode was managed with modafinil ( mg twice a day) along with three-units of blood transfusion. He was discharged on carbamazepine ( mg twice.

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